October 1~31, 2021

To celebrate Halloween, Share Gift and Santa Clara County Dental Association worked hard to make the event a success for local needy youngsters. 60 children and their parents from Sanctuary, a pro bono client and the local Touch charity attended a “Halloween Hair-Raiser” celebration held by SCCDA. The staff transformed rooms into kid-friendly amusement parks by decorating the workplace. The majority of the decorations were provided free of charge by the volunteers. 10 costumes were given to Rota Care Free Medical Clinic in San Jose City. Because to the our costume drive, Rota Care Free Clinic was able to provide costumes for all of the children in need.

September 18~19, 2021

Volunteered at The City’s Environmental Recycling Day and Shredding Events at Santa Clara County Dental Society. The City of San Jose and SCCDA offered a free drive-through, drop-off service for Dentists to encourage extended use of products and to prevent valuable resources from being sent to the landfill. We helped protect members of our community from financial fraud by organizing a shredding event where dentist can safely destroy and dispose of sensitive medical documents. We raised peace of mind while helping people clean out unneeded paperwork!

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