As diverse, dedicated, and talented educators, we share our passion for American Sign Language (ASL) and the culture of the American Deaf Community with Monta Vista High School students. We strive to positively impact society by developing sign communication skills, increasing acceptance, and spreading awareness. An exciting place to make new friends and learn American Sign Language and Deaf culture, we are open to everybody.

Whether you are just learning your ABC’s, or are a seasoned singer, we welcome you!  We would like to shed light on and raise awareness of Deaf Culture in our world today.

We do this though the evens we organize each year, which aid in connecting with Deaf schools and organizations in California. We strive to create and exciting environment where all people feel welcome, included, and important.

Founders of Share Gift founded American Sign Language Club as a school club @ Monta Vista High School, Cupertino, California to serve the greater needs and share good cause through community.

What We Do

  • Learn American Sign Language
  • Host Silent Dinner with Bay Area Asian Deaf Association.
  • Run Deaf Awareness Campaigns on & offline.
  • Fundraising Events

Find out more about ASL Club


APP Platform to help the Deaf and Blind by connecting volunteers and the people in need real time. Share Eyes and Ears


SHAREEE is to help people who are deaf, are hard of hearing, are deaf-blind or have a speech disability to get real time assistance from the Volunteers around the world in an easy-to-use, affordable manner. SHAREEE in Android & iOS Marketplace and download!



Mike Larson supported developing SHAREEE APP to implement actual needs of the blind and the deaf.
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