Palestine Branch


Teach Cancer Patients 

Partnerd with Kalemat Falastenieh,
Nonprofit in Jerusalem, Palestine dedicated to the education and empowerment of Palestinian kids living under hard conditions.

As a Share Gift Palenstine Branch, Kalemat Falastenieh connects Children Cancer Patients with Share Gift Volunteer Tutors in US to support their education and give comforts.

For under privileged cancer patients who are in need of education, Share Gift US sends used iPads so that they can learn remotely.

Contact Madeline Choi if you have questions about Palestine Branch and have interest  in teaching Children Cancer Patients over in Jerusalem.

Visit Palestine Branch Here

Seoul Branch

Support Education for Laotian Children

Partnered with  Gyunggi Love Volunteer Foundation, Share Gift Seoul is stationed in Dogok Middle School in Daechidong, Kangnamgu, Seoul, Korea.

Dogok Middle School Students' school club,

Share Gift Dogok's mission is to help and support education in Laos.

Volunteers' translation of Korean Folk Tales and Historical Biographies into English is sent to Elementary schools in Laos.

There are engaging projects available to suit all preferences. 

Visit Seoul Branch Here

SIS Branch

Support Social Justice with Art Talent

Share Gift Seoul International School Branch's mission is to uphold social justice and constitutional rights.


Though the size of a ask is large, resources are not. Because of this, we rely heavily on volunteers and interns to help make our goals a reality.


If you are interested in helping out with SHARE GIFT SIS work, we would more than welcome your participation and support.


Put on an local event or crowd-fund through one of our partner sites – we would love the extra boost! Please contact Teresa Chang about volunteering:

Baekhyun Branch

Support Mental Health in Sri Lanka

Share Gift Baekhyun Branch's mission is to support Mental Health and Education in Sri Lanka by students' fundraising and campaigns.

Sri Lanka’s suicide rates are amongst the highest globally according to the World Health Organisation


In more recent times the country as a whole is moving away from the traditional cultural stigma that had always been attached to mental health in Sri Lanka. 


Please contact JiYoo Kim about volunteering, fund raising, and campaign:


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