The COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and the most vulnerable people are low income families and senior patients. The medical workers at our local senior hospital, Cupertino Healthcare and Wellness Center can use our love as they serve on the front lines with patients and lonely, senior patients. Share Gift has been visiting Cupertino Healthcare and Wellness Center to help out senior patients over the past three years. However, it has been already 3 months since we haven’t been able to meet our beloved senior patients, as of April, 2020. Share Gift purchased food for the staff and patients at Cupertino Healthcare and donated First Aid Kits to Rota Care Free Medical Clinic.

COVID19 Handless Handle Donation

As the world battles the Coronavirus pandemic, we decided to reduce the risk of people spreading the virus by designing and prototyping ‘COVID-19 Handless Handle’ and donated them to the School District that has 100% Free Lunch Program. Share Gift founders designed the product to give out 3D CAD file sources to the  the community for free to 3D print them out.  However, we found out that it costs $7.00 to print a set and we thought it can be a burden for people who are in need of financial help. So we fundraised to donate 100  COVID-19 Handless Handles. 


Since schools are closed, students can’t ask teachers for help as they normally would.  We are providing a tutoring service to help students as we adapt to a life of closed schools or online learning, through an APP, Meetup Study Buddy as well as a website. Meetup Study Buddy matches selected high school tutors to students for thirty minutes to one-hour private tutoring sessions via Zoom. We came up with the idea after receiving an email from a classmate who needed help. Many students were suddenly lost and uncertain and many schools haven’t even made their online courses official curriculum, but rather just ‘enrichment.’ Simply, it’s not enough. There’s a need for a supplement.  We thought that schools shutting down or transitioning to remote learning might be especially difficult for high schoolers who are starting the college application process and planning to take AP tests. At the beginning of March, we sent out emails to gauge student interest and areas of expertise. There were more than 100 responses, and respondents were added to a google doc to coordinate the interview and selection process.

Since March 2020, Share Gift has started online peer tutoring because of COVID19. We can’t visit senior patients any more however, we are still tackling the issue, and contributing to community. All the videos of tutoring can be found online. Click the button below.


The Pandemic Times is a Student daily publication which serves as both a platform for community discussion and a place for those interested in journalism to develop their skills. The Pandemic Times report news, publish opinions of students and runs advertisements catered to the community. In the Pandemic Times, volunteer writers research and write about what is going on in the pandemic era to raise awareness the seriousness of epidemic disease. Visit here to read the newspaper.


  1. Prepare Christmas Presents
  2. Put “Share Gift” Logo
  3. Go to Cupertino Healthcare & Wellness Center (Any time)
  4. Knock Knock!! (You are not supposed to go inside)
  5. The staff will come out and greet you
  6. Say you are from Share Gift Volunteer Group and you are here to donate gifts!

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