August 5, 2021

Today, I volunteered at the Santa Clara County Dental Society with Irene. We helped set up a barbecue for a dentist social. We set up a lot of tables outside and we also helped to check in people. I met with many dentists and they invited me to shadow anytime, which was great. I felt that the dental field was something that they all were very passionate about, and that they also want to see the future of this industry do well. I was inspired by them, and it was a good opportunity to think about which path I wanted to take. And the food was good also. – Luke Jun

June 5, 2021

We had an enjoyable time talking to Norma. She loved talking about her life in the Philippines and her hobbies such as painting and gardening. She also talked about her aspiration to be a teacher when she was younger and how her favorite food is Chow Mein. Yuli played a song on the kalimba for her and she was intrigued. This was her first time hearing a kalimba and enjoyed it a lot. She was very grateful to have us accompany her and wishes to see us again soon. -Jackie Ryu

May 29, 2021

We had a wonderful chat with Bertha. She loved to solve crossword puzzles; she had her puzzle book and her pencil along with her when we visited her. I played a simple song on the kalimba for her, and she seemed to enjoy music a lot. I played the same tune again, and Bertha later requested for me to play “Jingle Bells”. My heart ached as Bertha wept time to time. It seems as if she missed her family. Nevertheless, we had a marvelous time with Bertha, and I hope to see her again soon. -Yuli Choi

May 23, 2021

We all had a great conversation with Baba through a screen door. Yuli brought flowers for Baba in a pot made by his family. We asked about Baba’s favorite activities, which is going outside on walks, surfing on the beach, and playing football. He also discussed his trips to Japan, his enlistment in the army, and moving from Richmond to San Jose High in ’63. He was very eager to go outside and get some fresh air, which can hopefully happen soon. Everyone got to know Baba better, and we shared things about ourselves, like what weather we liked, and our favorite flowers. Talking to Baba made me feel grateful that even during the pandemic, I’m able to go outside and enjoy the cool breeze and walk around the block. I’m glad that I got to know Baba better, and I hope to have another conversation with him very soon. -Juno Kim

April 18, 2021

I participated in a Mobile Dentistry volunteering with Madeline. Our job was to look at a list of names and cross out whoever came to pick up their t-shirts. It was interesting to different dentists pull up to the same spot and have interactions with each other. After most people have picked up their t-shirts, we got the opportunity to listen to what different paths there are in the field of dentistry and how interesting each of them is from Victoria and Bao Khanh. Victoria told us about the experience of being a general dentist and her journey towards how she decided to become a general dentist. Bao told us about her experience and enjoyment in being an orthodontist. In the end, they both said to us that the path you choose in dentistry is entirely up to what you like and what you can handle and that they are happy with the road they took although they took different routes because dentistry is something they enjoy and love. -Kate Yu

May 10, 2021

Unfortunately, we didn’t meet any of the people inside the nursing home because we were not allowed to visit patients yet during Covid-19. However, I noticed a family at the nursing home visit, someone I presumed is a relative, from the outside the window of the patient’s room. It made me feel sad for the family who can’t meet in person, even on Mothers’ day, and I also feel fortunate I was that myself and the people around me were healthy during this pandemic. I was specifically grateful for my mom since it was Mothers’ Day, and I was especially thankful that she was healthy. I hope that we can see the people at the nursing home on a future visit and put a smile on their faces. – Luke Jun

April 30, 2021

Vaccination Super Station volunteer: I assisted with checking in patients, observing patients after they receive the vaccine, helping patients sign up for post-vaccination monitoring, answering general questions, assisting with flow, and restocking supplies. I felt like I stepped up to serve my community and took individual outreach actions to help accelerate the administration of vaccines.-Madeline Choi

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