Cupertino Healthcare Wellness Center, 2 January 2021
Meal Train to Healthcare Center. 3 January 2021

Meal Train Delivery to Center. December 5, 2020
Happy New Year to Senior Patients at Cupertino Healthcare Wellness Center!

Christmas Gifts Goodie Bags 2020

Merry Christmas to Cupertino Healthcare Wellness Center!

Jacquelyn Ryu, December 2020

The medical workers at our local senior hospital, Cupertino Healthcare and Wellness Center can use our love as they serve on the front lines with patients and lonely, senior patients. Share Gift has been visiting Cupertino Healthcare and Wellness Center to help out senior patients over the past three years. However, it has been already 11 months since we haven’t been able to meet our beloved senior patients. Please deliver your Christmas Presents, goodie bags, decorations, water bottles, masks, first aid kits!!!

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