Dorothy is 70 years old she is from Indiana and moved to California when she was 25 years old to meet more people other than just “Indiana people.” California was a completely new experience for her, she loves the weather and how there are so many diverse people here. She enjoys the series Harry Potter very much, as she was on a movie marathon for the whole series when we met her. As a huge Harry Potter fan myself, we engaged in a deep conversation about the characters and how people of all ages should appreciate fantasy stories because J.K. Rowling did not write the book for only children to read, but for everyone to enjoy. She loves kittens and art, as the pictures and drawings on the side of her bead indicates. I look forward to meeting her again next time, but I hope even more that recovers and is out by next week. It was nice to talk to her because she is still yet a “youngster” of the people around her (the term she used herself) and still looks forward to living a life after she leaves the hospital. – Posted upon an approval from Dorothy-
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